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Five ideas to revamp your home during quarantine!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Five ideas to revamp your home during quarantine!

Since the onset of quarantine in the year 2020, we all have some things in common. Be it staring at the wall continuously from morning to night or being stuck at the makeshift work-space or munching on snacks every hour!

Being stuck at the same place can definitely start to feel jejune after a while! So why not spice up your home this weekend! Of course, we’d be helping you out on that!

So these five ideas by Design Dixon will help you revamp your living space and throw monotony out of the window!

1. Start with rearranging the furniture

Shift the position of the couch, dining table or even the decor items and you are sure to notice a refreshing change. Go on now, shake up the living room a bit!

2. Let loose of the artist in you

All the walls and switchboards can use a hello from your abandoned painting brush! A simple painting that doesn’t need expertise can also light up your dull walls!

You can even get crafty with dreamcatchers and DIY wallpapers using the items lying around!

3. Invest in a statement piece

Unique and interesting pieces can change the vibe of the entire space. So hop onto to find some cool pieces under your budget!

4. Add a touch of ‘you’ to your home

Whether it’s a stylish nameplate or a doormat with a quirky caption or some cute fridge magnets, let your personality ooze throughout your home!

5. Make use of the items you usually discard

Be it dessert jars, alcohol bottles or old watches, these items can be upscaled into aesthetic utensils with a touch of creativity!

These tips are sure to brighten your home and mood as well! We’d love to see your own spin on all of the above ideas, so go ahead and upload the pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #designdixon

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