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How to make your home sustainable - Part 2:

Well, well, as sustainability is the need of the hour, we thought of going ahead and handing you out another set of wonderful cues on making your living spaces more sustainable!

Choosing local flora:

Instead of opting for expensive and imported plants, local plants can do a much better job at thriving in your homes.

So head to the nearby garden or nursery and grab some local plants!


Having a compost pit in your own home can be a wonderful idea to ensure sustainability.

Put all that junk to good use!

Energy efficient garden:

Design your garden in such a way that the plants are placed according to their water needs. This helps save a lot of water!

Upscale junk to Decor:

Whatever the junk is, if you have some free time and a tad bit of creativity, you can turn trash into some amazing decor items!

We would love to see if you've put any of our ideas to some use, if you did so, let us know by tagging us on Instagram with #designdixon!

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