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COVID-19 Measures Post Unlock | Home Interiors During Corona pandemic

Stay Healthy & Stay Safe

At Design Dixon, our primary responsibility is to ensure the well being of our clients, employees, stakeholders, and all their loved ones. During this pandemic time of COVID-19, we are updating our protocols as per The Govt. of India directives. Since the Unlock process begins, our teams are actively working adhering to all the guidelines with improved response systems to deliver better and faster.

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

1) How is Design Dixon dealing with the current situation? Is it a safe time for me to book with your firm?

Our teams enable ourselves with cutting-edge technology to make things happen on time and more efficiently. We are following all the precautions directed by WHO and the protocols circulated by the Central and the State government keeping the well being of our clients and stakeholders the topmost priority.

2) Can I discuss the Designs remotely with my Designer?

Absolutely! Our teams are well equipped to discuss your dreams virtually over a webinar. The designs will be presented in 3D render format, so there is no effect on the experience of a design discussion and you will enjoy even more by sitting at the comfort of your home.

3) Can you design my house without looking at the property?

Yes, we could. We just need the floor plan of your home/corporate space and based upon it, our design experts will kick start the design process. Even if you have made alterations at the site, you could explain the same to our designers. Our designer will take your inputs into consideration.

4) How will we make the design-related selections virtually?

The 3D render model that will be presented to you, will have 99% accuracy in terms of the selections shown in the design itself. Be it the wall paint, wallpaper, laminate, texture, furniture, etc. The details of every material used in your design will be shared with you.

6) Will you be able to keep up with the projected timelines?

We are very particular about our timelines and we believe that it’s our duty to deliver all the projects within the deadline. To ensure this, we will be doing all the design-related work remotely. Up until the design closure and making your selections, we should be able to do this remotely. However, the production of materials and site execution will start once our technical team makes the visit to the site.

7) What are your working hours now?

All our teams are following regular office working hours, that is between 10 am and 7 pm. You may reach out to the team at any time of the day through emails, messages, voice, or video calls.

8) Can I have the meeting conducted at my home?

Yeah Definitely! Keeping the safety of our employees and customers a priority we are following stringent safety measures. Our team will be going through the temperature check and follows all the sanitization process before any personal meetings at-home.

9) Is this the right time to do my home interiors?

Yes, this is the right time! We will be taking all the necessary safety measures while executing your project and will be able to prioritize your project and complete it sooner if we get started right now.

10) How are you tackling the production at the factory?

The production in our factory resumed in a phase-wise manner and we worked on the product optimization, so as to make up for the loss of time. With more projects to complete, we will work towards a faster delivery mechanism.

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