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Zemote's smart schedules will make your home follow your schedule. No mre wastage of electricity and you can contribute more to the healing of planet Earth.


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Comprehensive range of Smart Touch Switches

We feel proud to introduce world’s 1st ever range of Smart Surface Touch Switches. These switches are available in thousands of design combinations and finishes. Loaded with all the smart features that Zemote has to offer, they are the most advanced technology product out of the Zemote R&D lab

Zemote Certified Technicians

If you are interested in joining Zemote as an independent installation partner, please fill the form below and join our rigorous training program to get Zemote certification.

Become a Channel Partner

We welcome people with entrepreneurial mindset to join us on this journey and to be a part of this fast growing industry. Fill the form below and our sales team will reach out to you.

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Will my manual/physical existing switches work or have to purchase new ones?

Zemote syncs with your physical switchboard, your manual switches and regulators will work the same way as they used to. Switches of all brands (including two-way switches) are compatible with the Light Fan module.

Will my fan regulators be compatible with Zemote?

Yes, any type of fan regulator is fully compatible with Zemote. You can use the existing regulator to set speed and also control fan speed from the Zemote App itself.

What if I have more than one Zemote modules at home?

Zemote App and products are completely modular, you can add more Zemote modules in the App as when you buy them. You can add unlimited number of modules in one home.

How many Zemote module will I need?

This will depend on the number of appliances you need to automate. Go through the products section to understand how many appliances each product can automate.

What internet connectivity do I need for Zemote?

For Zemote to work properly you need a minimum of 512 Kbps stable internet connectivity at home and at least a 3G speed internet connection on your phone. This will ensure an almost zero lag response time, uninterrupted and optimum use of Zemote products

The internet at home is down, will Zemote still work?

If your internet is down, Zemote will still work indoors on your Wi-fi. However you won’t be able to control it from outdoors.

Do I need to be close to home to run Zemote?

No, you don’t need to be close by, you control Zemote through the App from anywhere in the world; as long as your home has an active internet connection.

Is it possible to interact with Zemote Home Automation products by voice?

Yes, with the Zemote Alexa skill and Zemote Google Action, you can now interact with your Zemote Home Automation products by voice.

Can I buy Zemote modules as and when I want?

Yes, we have built Zemote to be modular device. So, you can automate one room at a time, and then gradually your whole house. All the modules will be connected through the same Zemote App.

Will you provide aftersales service?

Yes, we have toll free technical call centre (1800-1020-755) to assist you in any issues that you might be facing the products. In case the issue is not resolved, trained Zemote personnel will provide free of cost service at your home.

Is there a warranty/return policy?

Return Policy: We have a no questions asked return policy of 15 days from the date of purchase for a product that is fully functional. To return the product, it should be in it’s original packaging along with it’s accessories and documentation. If there is any damage or missing products we reserve the right to charge a fee. The logistics charges will have to be borne by you and you’ll have to take care of all the risks involved during transit.

Warranty Policy: There is a one year guarantee and another one year extended warranty on all our products. Under the guarantee, we will replace your products in case of manufacturing defects. In the next one year of extended warranty, your products will be repaired free of cost in case of manufacturing defects only. Replaced products could be new or refurbished based on our discretion. The warranty policy does not apply to
(i) cosmetic damages like scratches, stains, cracks or dents;
(ii) damages caused by accident, abuse, misuse, water, flood, fire or natural acts of nature or external causes.

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